Diver Medic Technician (Pilot)



A Diver Medic Technician (DMT) administers advanced first aid and emergency treatment to the injured or unwell diver, especially in remote areas where medical personnel cannot be on site quickly. In this intensive course, you train life-saving procedures in critical situations. The emphasis is on professional communication with a remote diver doctor and carrying out the instructions of a diver doctor while waiting for medical assistance. In addition to the usual diving medical skills of the Dutch DMB-B2, you will also learn the basics of stitching, infusion, injecting, catheterising, control of bleeding, treatment in the decompression chamber and preparing the patient for safe transport. 

The course

The course is given by experienced medical professionals, including SWOD certified dive medical physicians. The training consists of online theoretical modules and intensive practical training in the medical classroom and the decompression tank. To make the practical training as realistic as possible, we use modern training aids and a diving medical kit according to DMAC 015.

Pilot DMT

In the DMT pilot you will follow a full-fledged DMT training and after completion you will receive a DMT certificate. The pilot will be attended for 2 days by IMCA for the purpose of our application for IMCA recognition for the training.

The DMT pilot course is ideally suited for professional divers and sport diving instructors who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in diving medical treatment and/or who frequently dive abroad. You need to have a valid dive medical to be able to enter a decompression chamber. You do not necessarily need to be in possession of a dive certificate.  


Onshore DMT certificaat: a DMT certificate is issued to candidates who meet the general course requirements but are not certified in an IMCA-recognised offshore diving certificate.

Offshore DMT certificaat: a certification recognised by IMCA. This certificate gives authority for international, offshore diving assignments where work is carried out in accordance with IMCA guidelines. The offshore DMT certificate is issued to candidates holding an IMCA recognised offshore diving certificate, such as an IMCA recognised Life Support Technician (LST), diving supervisor or diver qualification.  

Both certificates do not give any authority on Dutch territory. Under Dutch law, you must have a BIG registration to carry out reserved procedures (such as suturing and injecting) independently.

Sign up

For more information about the pilot, please contact us at info@bc-opleidingen.nl or call +31 (0)228-722 420.


BCO is currently in the process of applying for IMCA recognition for the DMT course.