BCO, centre for professional diving

BC-opleidingen (BCO) is an approved training centre for professional divers in all sectors of the dive industry. Our diving centre includes various indoor and outdoor facilities and a wide range of professional training equipment. All courses consist of online self-study with a personal mentor and one or more training days at the training centre. The courses are given by professional diving instructors with a proven track record of practical experience and expertise in the field of theory and developments.


→  Commercial diver

  Commercial dive supervisor 

→  Diver medic attendant (Dutch) 

→  Diver Medic Technician 

→  Dutch recertification 

→  Conversion to Dutch Commercial Diving Certificate for UK divers

Our working method

Every course starts with self-study in our online learning environment, where you can study on your own time and at your own pace. The integrated MemoTrainer app helps you memorise the theory better and faster by practicing a few multiple choice questions on a regular base. Make sure you master the theory completely before you join the practical training. The training days in the diving centre are completely focused on putting your knowledge into practice.

→  Facilities 


BCO is approved by IMCA for the Diver Medic training and by the Dutch certifying bodies Hobéon, NDC-CI and CI-NIPV as a trainer for commercial divers. We also hold an ISO9001/2015 certification.